Welcome to OneIT Smart!

We are an experienced and specialized IT company. We consolidated our credibility and name, by providing professional and complete offers of products and services, based on the best skills and technologies, manufactured at the highest quality levels.

Smart Devices

We provide revolutionary and varied IT products, which make the operation of the electronic devices a real pleasure. Choose what suits you best!

Smart Solutions

We provide innovative technology, which helps you improve the efficiency of your company and assures real-time problem-solving capability and adaptability.

Professional Marketing

We provide intelligent and personalized marketing tools, technology, to enhance your company and your brand. This is the next generation marketing!

Professional Security

We provide powerful security defense solutions against the latest technology security breaches and threats across your company’s structure. Trust us!

What defines us:

Starting from the conception that a solid brand builds over time around a constant quality product/ service, One IT has laid the foundation for its solid and indispensable principles for building a successful business:

We are oriented to CUSTOMER NEEDS and personalize our services

We work in SINERGIE with the values of our clients

We believe in INNOVATION, promise, and efficiency

We provide an OPTIM REPORT between costs and performance

We bring a VALUE PLUS through our products and services

Our Latest Products

Awesome products prepared with creative ideas and great design

Master OneAR

Master OneAR



Augmented Reality Glasses

One Assistance


One Marketing Wi-Fi


Penetration Test

security IT

Custom Security Solution

Discover the power of technology!

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