The Power of Augmented Reality in Business!

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the technology trends this year.
AR blend the lines between the physical and digital world. They offer a new way of interacting with customers, colleagues and the world around us. These latest AR technologies have enormous market potential and they are only in the initial stages to grow for business productivity.

How to use it in business:


Besides improved velocity, there are a number of advantages to using AR for training. The benefit of consolidated attention also applies to memory. Users can access that information in real time.

Remote assistance

We provide innovative technology, which helps you improve communications with your co-workers in your company and assures real-time problem-solving capability and adaptability.

Product Demo

The ultimate sales tool for your products! Showcasing in AR your products (and services) in the best possible way is key to the success of any business. This is the next generation marketing!

Interaction Experience

With Augmented Reality technology we provide a different way to interact with your clients and show them a memorable experience!

Benefits of using Augmented Reality Technology:

benefits check It's a new way of interacting with your customers;

benefits check Ensures freedom of movement & increases efficiency;

benefits check Provides smart training at work and on-site;

benefits check Training with Augmented Reality make education more engaging and interactive;

benefits check Makes a full overview of the product or plans of the building/property to customers;

benefits check Live remote-assistance without dispatching a technician on site;

benefits check Saves time and costs.

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    Our Augmented Reality Products

    Awesome products prepared with creative ideas and great design

    Master OneAR

    Master OneAR



    Augmented Reality Glasses

    One Assistance Kit

    With these products, we provide innovative technology, which helps you improve the efficiency of your company and assures real-time problem-solving capability and adaptability.

    In retail augmented reality has myriads of opportunities. Essentially you need to decide whether it will be an customer experience. The first means that customers will interact with AR within the walls of the store. These could be virtual fitting rooms to help customers decide on the size or color of a product. The out-of-store experience means that your customers don’t have to leave their homes to have an experience.

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