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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is an improved version of reality, and with the help of physical technology (smart devices – smartphones, smart glasses, tablets), it creates a platform with intelligent and intuitive instructions.

One-IT provides hands-free operating instructions, checklists, and 3D generated images and videos, for real-time field technicians.

Master OneAR – what does it do?

Master OneAR is a training solution for maintenance and service that uses augmented reality to give valuable and intuitive instruction. It is used to view assemblies of asset components to help operators understand the complexity of critical machines. Working with these tools reduces failures and increases efficiency.

We provide a complex solution, consisting of:

 Database API (Application Programming Interface) server: all data (procedures and checklists) will be loaded here, and from here they will be exported to the mobile app.

Mobile application: on this will load the assemblies of asset components and you will be able to view them in 3D generated images and videos.

 Master OneAR can be delivered with additional benefits, providing companies with high-performance devices (smartphones, tablets, smart glasses).

 With the help of smart devices, you have the opportunity to visualize in 3D generated images and videos the component you are working on and to get 3D instructions.

In addition, if you need any further support, you can receive live assistance from experts all around the world. They see what you are doing inside the Master OneAR application, and they can give you useful information and guidance, as they see everything you or your technician see, in real life (through smart glasses) and on the device screen (smartphone, tablet).

Key benefits of using the Master OneAR solution:

– Assembles/disassembles equipment;
– Accesses and receives real-time data;
– Provides detailed procedures and checklists;
– Provides live video streaming assistance;
– Provides smart training at work and on-site;
– Ensures freedom of movement during procedures;
– Reduces repair time & failures;
– Increases efficiency;
– Saves time and travel costs for training the employees.

Master OneAR

Master OneAR

Where does it work?

This technology has revolutionized important areas such as heavy industry, oil, and gas, aviation, aerospace, production, utilities, and shipbuilding.

Oil, Gas & Manufacturing domains

Master OneAR provided by One IT is suited for use in the oil and gas industry. Here, interactions with heavy equipment have become more often and more common. That is why; when a situation demands it, there need to be specialists who can manage it.

As the field technicians of an industrial manufacturer do not have enough experience, today’s technology offers another option. Most of the training can be done in a mixed environment. This can significantly reduce costs and risks.

Using Master OneAR, your company can instruct technicians at work and on-site, by delivering them intelligent instructions. This solution reduces significantly the time spent on regularly scheduled maintenance procedures or even more complex procedures. Moreover, everything is stored on a server so that information can be accessed at any time.

Key advantages of Master OneAR in the oil, gas, and manufacturing fields:

-SOP rehearsals and emergency exercises

– Assessment of competence on platforms, equipment, and installation systems

– Live assistance using video streaming and cloud-based data between the field operator and expert

– Simple diffusion of equipment to reduce downtime

Energy domain

Using Master OneAR solution to get installation instructions, companies have the ability to use any authorized local electrician to install smart meters and significantly reduce the error rate and increase installation rates. With smart devices, they have the opportunity to contact experts to help them solve a single or complex problem.

Augmented reality has opened up a new world for maintenance and repair in diverse domains, and One-IT is ready to deliver you this technology.

Master OneAR is a secure enterprise application that allows companies to pass virtual reality instructions on smart devices, with any operating system. Everything goes faster and easier.

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