Bring more value to your sales with the OneARchitect solution!

How to bring value to your sales

OneARchitect is an application specifically designed for architecture, construction and real estate companies. The solution created by One-IT allows companies to offer their clients a modern way to visualize the desired real estate project, bringing more value to the sale.

We provide a complex solution, consisting of:

Database API (Application Programming Interface) server: all the projects will be loaded here, and from here they will be exported to the mobile app.

Mobile application: on this will load the project and you will be able to view the project in 1:1 size.

OneARchitect can be delivered with additional benefits, providing companies with high-performance devices (smartphones, tablets, smart glasses) and a 3D scanner.

For real estate companies, the additional benefits help to implement the real estate they want to sell. This way, the client can walk through the building and has the opportunity to see live the size and features of the property and to walk through the building, seeing the changes he desires.

OneARchitect – What does it do?


By translating 3D sketches into the application, companies can show their clients how the house or real estate is going to look like, using smart devices. For this, the client simply has to select the desired model and position it on the ground. The selected building is furnished with furniture and decor elements, and the client can select each item, change its position or eliminate it. In the main menu of the application, the client can select various furniture models and decoration elements that can be replaced by standard items.


What can the client do in the OneARchitect app?

  •  To present a project, enter the mobile app and select the desired model. The application connects to the database via the API and uploads the model to the device. The selected project can be viewed in different sizes, even in the 1: 1 format.
  •  The loaded project can be positioned on a surface. The client can perform operations to change the position of the project on the chosen surface.
  •  After the project has been transposed to the surface, you can begin navigating through the object. All elements inside, doors, windows can be opened. The client can position the project depending on the view from the window.
  •  If the selected area does not match the way of walking through the building, you can use the cursor and navigate without moving through the project.
  •  If the client wants to make interior changes to the building, he can select the object categories he wants to add from the main menu. Existing objects and decor elements can be removed directly from the application, and any changes made can be saved as a new project, which through the API will be uploaded to the user’s account


Smart Solutions for Business!


Key benefits of using the OneARchitect solution:


-Saves time and travel costs for clients;


– Makes a full overview of the building and ensures freedom of movement while analyzing and making the desired changes;


– Provides 3D generated images and video with possibilities of changing the surroundings;


– Gives the possibility to save everything on a server and to upload the data in a user account.

OneARchitect, the solution created by One-IT allows companies to offer their clients a modern way to visualize the desired real estate project, bringing more value to the sale.


Smart Solutions for Business!

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