Custom Security Solution

One IT is a versatile company that offers personalized services.

Our high-performance application security solution consists of a robust and integrated set of products that protect against these attacks. With technologies from our vendors you can detect advanced persistent threats (APTs) to web applications, which uses shared intelligence with enterprise firewalls and sandboxing solutions.

Whether it’s a previously undiscovered web application vulnerability, a vulnerability waiting to be patched, an out-of-support system, or some other issue, vulnerabilities are there, waiting to be exploited. Even if the web application is 100% vulnerability-free, if high-speed encryption isn’t used, thieves can intercept application traffic and the valuable data it contains. Our application security solution defends web-based applications and secures web application traffic using our web application firewalls and application delivery controllers.


If you need something specific, simply contact us, and we will give you the right solution for your company.

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