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Get remote mobile assistance and support with One Assistance!

One Assistance is an application specifically designed for competitive and innovative companies. The solution created by One-IT is ideal for monitoring on-site services, with remote mobile assistance and support based on live audio and video streaming and recording.

We provide a complex solution, consisting of:
Database API (Application Programming Interface) server: all the data will be loaded here, and from here they will be exported to the mobile app.
Mobile application: on this will load the data and you will be able to view and manage the recorded data.

 One Assistance can be delivered with additional benefits, providing companies with high-performance devices (smartphones, tablets, smart glasses).

Here are the ideal fields of application, where One Assistance solution works flawlessly:

  1. Maintenance and service
    When performing various procedures, technicians are given the opportunity to receive live audio and video support from experts to help them solve a situation.
    In addition, the expert can provide useful instructions and support using visual elements such as arrows, contact points, circles that can be seen on the smart device by the technician.
  1. Training
    Students have the opportunity to see live demonstrations performed by lecturers, who can teach the course with their hands-free. In addition, courses can be recorded.

Key benefits of using One Assistance solution:
– Provides live audio/video streaming and chat from all around the globe;
– Provides the ability to solve problems from anywhere in the world;
– Ensures audio-video recording of each intervention;
– Provides access to a knowledge base that can be used later for similar situations;
– Stores important knowledge and information as a result of specialized assistance (data transfer, live snapshots, and overlay drawings on the device’s screen);
– Ensures freedom of movement during the intervention;
– Saves time, and travel costs for specialized personnel.

The One Assistance solution offers complete live audio and video streaming assistance with a minimum of effort, time and resources.


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